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The writers and CSers (and now I guess the actors) like to act that any canon that isn't CS doesn't exist. Emma doesn't need Hook to open her up to love. They're acting like she's never opened herself up to love. Graham. Neal (twice). Walsh. She's opened herself up to love quite a bit. She doesn't "need" Hook to do it for her, and she doesn't need to put on a pink princessy dress to do it, either.






Yeah, I’ve seen so much talk all over the place about Emma “finally opening herself to love” as though it’s the very first time and it’s this huge breakthrough.

The huge breakthrough was Graham, the first time she opened herself up to the true possibility of love after 10 years of guarding herself because of the pain Neal cause her. The huge breakthrough was Neal, who she was able to begin to forgive and open herself up to again even after everything that happened. Even Walsh was arguably a breakthrough, because at the time she had no memory of her breakthroughs with Graham or Neal, so she was still in that place she was at when we met her in season one.

Those were the big breakthroughs in regards to love for Emma. She’s already had three experiences of letting her walls down and letting love in. Her relationship with Hook is not anything new or special in that regard. 

And she let love in all those other times without putting on an OOC dress to “girl” herself up. The implication here is that this time is the “valid” time of letting love in because she’s letting herself become more of a “real” woman by putting on a dress that’s more acceptably feminine, because you can’t really let “real” love in unless you fit what the idea of “real” femininity and “real” womanhood is.

It’s incredibly disgusting. It ignores three seasons of canon and sends an overwhelmingly sexist message.

Furthermore, this argument also completely negates her relationships with her parents and Henry as if they are somehow less because they aren’t romantic. That really grinds my gears.

Yeah, I’m really bothered by that, too. It’s kind of prevalent in television, that romantic relationships are more important than family relationships and friendship. I mean, there obviously can be a difference between romantic love relationships and family relationships in regards to how we react to them. A person can have a very difficult time with romantic relationships, with letting people in that way while haing very strong and open familial relationships and friendships. But in Emma’s case, her issues with being closed off are due to both what Neal did to her and being abandoned by her parents. So there should be at least just as much focus on her letting her walls down for her family and accepting them as there is to her romantic walls. But there isn’t, because the show clearly think that if you let your walls down for a love interest then that will fix all of your issues. Fuck whatever progress you’ve made/still needs to be made with your family. The right love interest will “fix” you. And in this case, it’s Hook not just “fixing” how closed off she can be, but also “fixing” the fact that she’s not feminine enough. Because what they’re saying with that dress, when taken with what has been said about it in interviews, is that the way she dressed before wasn’t correct because she was broken.

I’m livid by the fact that we have barely touched the relationship between Emma and Snow since the first season, but we can waste time on a bullshit, forced romance that does nothing for the character of Emma Swan except bring out odd character inconsistencies to fit into the ideal woman for Killian by “letting him in” and the fact that a dress, one with pink frills that is just not Emma, is supposed to symbolize that is a gross, weird sexist idea.

But then again, CS is gross, weird and sexist and apparently OUAT thinks women need romantic relationships to open up, otherwise I think we would have gotten some ACTUAL growth with Emma and Snow vs the two buck shit they’v thrown at us sporadically that has no follow up. I mean, even the David/Emma scenes in the 2nd episode had Hook randomly flung into the mix to rush that more.

And don’t get me started on how, as a whole. the psychology within Captain Swan is just jacked. Emma loses her first love and a man she was in love with in a timespan of a few days, then maybe a week later is pledging how she can’t lose Killy because they’re falling so madly in love all of a sudden after constant rejection when she did have Walsh and Neal?

Absolutely ridiculous. If any of this was doing justice to Emma’s character, they would have had her cry. How Emma Swan hasn’t had a complete fucking breakdown is the real mystery considering the woman hasn’t had a break, and the temporary relief she did have was brief.

By all means, though. Let’s bypass what could be extremely interesting character development with Emma 2.0 who isn’t anything like Emma at all and hasn’t gone through development but rather hopped through weird stages that don’t make a lick of sense within the narrative. 

The fact that they refuse to develop Emma in any meaningful way is baffling. They instead repeat the same story and development for her over and over and over, where there’s a guy that she pushes away and then lets in because she decides to let her walls down. They’re acting like this is some huge development for her, but it’s not. She’s already done it three times before and they just keep hitting the reset button.

Emma was at her most interesting in the middle/end of season one and the beginning of season 2, because that was the only time she wasn’t being shoved into a repetitive romance. And I say that as someone who loved both Swanfire and Gremma, and as someone who was hoping that Walsh would just be a nice, normal guy for Emma to love. It’s yet another sign of the complete lack of skill these writers possess. There are countless possible storylines surrounding Emma that would be so much more interesting and what would allow for realy, genuine, and new development that they just keep ignoring in favor of romances. It makes no sense. All it does is perpetuate this idea that romance is the most important thing that can ever happen to a person and that the right guy can fix all your problems. 


it’s you,
it’s still you.

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Rest in Peace Dr. Lance Sweets

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I loved this with my whole heart. It was the only thing that really impacted outside of “the scene”. Because Brennan doesn’t hesitate to be there for Daisy, who is now a single mother. She doesn’t stop to think about comforting her or battle with her own emotions. She swoops Daisy into her arms and comforts and protects her. I loved this. With my whole heart.

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"You can start talking now, Sweets. Come on."   

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but wHY


but wHY

"The world is a lot better than you think it is."

↳ Lance Sweets aka "Baby Duck" (2007-2014)

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I don’t know if I can do this to him. / You can. This is not Sweets. This is a set of remains that will give us the main that killed Sweets. 

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I’m still not over it…

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